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The history of a company is also made up of the history of the people who created it. In a world where improvising became a frequent habit, Casa Milano (founded in 1980) represents the certainty of solid professional competencies perfected by years of experience.

Mariola Orlikowska Sandrini is Managing Partner, born in Poland on November 24th 1971, graduated in Communication Sciences at IULM in Milan, registered as ordinary roll of the real estate agents with the CCIAA of Milan number 11532, registered with Fiabci Italia, Fimaa and Arel.

Fabio Giulio Sandrini is Founder and Managing Director, born in Milan on April 5th 1959. Already Regional President with ANACI from 1984 to 2009, supervisor of the lease listing in Milan published by the Borsa Immobiliare in Milano, already supervisor of the Series Immobili e Condominio (Buildings and Condo) published by Maggioli Editore, member of the Anaci Council in Milan, active in favour of the constitution of the Guarantee of condominium capital Fund.

Casa Milano srl was founded in 1980 and has been awarded the following: